Always wondered what the difference between PR and marketing actually is? Wonder no more, we have the answer here!

Difference by definition

PR: Public Relations, or ‘PR’, is all about the way organisations communicate with the public, promote themselves, and build a positive reputation and public image.

How an organisation is represented in the media has a huge impact on how people perceive it. PR professionals try to influence the media to represent their organisation positively and communicate key messages.

Marketing: Marketing deals with the application of ideas and procedures employed to analyse and predict consumer requirements and preferences, to gauge the feasibility of promotional strategies and modify these to comply with the requirements of maximum consumer satisfaction.

Difference by daily tasks

PR professionals manage:

  • Pitching and securing positive stories in various types of media
  • Writing and sending out press releases
  • Building relationships with key journalists
  • Securing speaking opportunities at events and broadcast media
  • Protecting the company or individuals’ profile in case of a crisis


  • Creating a newsletter
  • Creation of support materials for your business and/or product (leaflets, signage, website pages)
  • Securing advertisement slots
  • Planning and creating promotional campaigns for your business and/or products
  • Researching the industry of your business to perfectly implement marketing campaigns

How they work together

You may be wondering why social media is yet to be mentioned specifically. That’s because management of social media accounts really falls under both PR and marketing. An advantage of using these platforms is that consumers and journalists are re-searchable if it is done the right way.

PR and marketing works best when they are perfectly aligned with each other. Therefore, most businesses opt to work with agencies who can cover both professions under one roof. Being able to effectively communicate a message by promoting it to consumers and press alike is an essential skill set to have in any sized business.

If you’re looking for PR and marketing professionals to help your business expand, get in contact with us – we’d love to help!