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Three loaded packages to choose from for honest, reliable PR & Marketing.

Packages have a minimum term of 3 months and will be auto renewed unless requested 30 days before the term ends.

Automatic invoices created and issued each month paid by direct debit.

Package includes consultation and any ongoing support while live.

Any other services can be added as a bolt-on to your package and you receive a 10% discount off the RRP.

Not what you are looking for? go Bespoke.

We have bundled together our most popular products into 3 simple packages but if you are looking for something a little different then just ask to build a bespoke package. We can tailor any of our services into a bespoke service for you. Looking for PR and branding but got your social media sorted? no problem! we will focus on the things that matter to you and leave you to handle the rest.

What is PR

Public relations (PR) is a powerful tool in any business’ arsenal. Making the most of the millions of different media outlets that are available, PR is the practice which secures unpaid or earned coverage. PR is not only an ideal way to comment on hot topics in your industry and highlight your own key messages, but it can be the perfect opportunity to tell your business’ own to your audience.

How does it benefit your business?
Our goal is to help you to build a strong reputation and communicate your key messages to your ever growing audience. We will work with you to continuously hold a presence in relevant media outlets which will improve your standing in your industry as well as grow your own consumer/client base.

How will we measure it?
Our packages include a monthly report which will contain various data reports that will highlight the benefits your business will be reaping from our PR efforts.

What is Social Media Support?

Your social media platforms allow you to communicate with thousands of people in a single posting and keeping your business profile updated, engaging and relevant can be time consuming. By managing your business social media platforms, we can help to build your professional network as well as captivate your target audience.

How does it benefit your business?
The opportunities that can come from an ever growing social media network is unimaginable. Your platforms allow your business to engage with your audience and nurture them – with this grows loyalty and respect to your brand.

How do we measure it?
One of the great things about Social Media is that there are so many different ways that our work can be measured and reported back to you. From the rate of engagement each post has to the total number of people the post has reached, you can be assured that we will provide the analytics and continuously adapt our strategy to align with changing trends.

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