This year, Halloween will be a little different. Parties and trick or treating will be limited but that doesn’t mean that the spooky fun must stop! We’ve decided to spread some positivity by highlighting our favourite things about this holiday.

Sadie, Media Manager

Top 3 movies to watch around Halloween

The Conjuring

Not a single film but I LOVE ‘The Conjuring’ series. I’ll watch these at any time throughout the year but if I’m after something spooky for a Halloween binge, this is my go-to.

The Nightmare before Christmas

Tim Burton films are the best films to watch around Halloween but my favourite has to be The Nightmare before Christmas which, although is debatable, IS a Halloween film.

Hocus Pocus

It needs no explanation. What is Halloween without this iconic film?! I’m just as excited for the remake too!

Honourable mention – Scream

The Scream films are a perfect mixture between witty comedy and slasher. An ideal crowd pleaser for Halloween.

Favourite Halloween campaign

M&Ms: Millie and Max Interactive Ghost Story

From now back to my student days, I’ve always been fascinated with campaigns which incorporate gamification techniques and multiple platforms. Millie and Max’s Interactive Story is a prime example of how well a campaign can run when the audience becomes invested and engaged in it. A creative storyline, on-brand graphics and content that can be gamified is always a winner in my eyes.

2 Favourite Halloween costumes

Toddlers dressing up as old people

Let’s face it, it’s the cutest thing ever and I can’t wait to do it.

Halloween costu


A classic that can be done in many ways – I’m also a sucker for a boujee pirate hat.

Tell us about a Halloween memory

This may be a strange one to pick out of the many good memories I have but years ago I had decided that I wasn’t going to go trick or treating until the very last minute. I was without a costume, so my mum cut two eye holes and two arm holes into a bed sheet and off I went with my sister and a family friend.

Of course, when you go trick or treating, what are the odds someone will actually say TRICK. Well, ladies and gentlefolks, this night, that happened! A man had said trick and my top-class comedic self, put my arms inside the sheet and shouted, ‘I HAVE NO ARMS’.

While I look back on it now and wonder why we didn’t have the door slammed in our faces at my pathetic attempt at a trick, the man actually laughed and gave us extra sweets in our pumpkin buckets.

Ben, Director

Top 3 movies to watch around Halloween

Shaun of the dead

Dawn of the dead

28 days later

Favourite Halloween campaign

Burger King Trolls McDonalds – with Clowns

2 Favourite Halloween costumes

Ghost busters

Back to the future (Marty McFly costume)

Tell us about a Halloween memory

Getting tricked by a home owner when out trick or treating, He answered the door with a full face latex mask and costume screaming at our group of about 10 8 year olds and my friend was so scared he peed himself and fell down the steps trying to run away.

Now you know a bit about us, what’s your favourite thing about Halloween?

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