Are you still deciding whether hiring a PR and marketing agency is the best move for your small business? Well, here just a few of the ways your company will benefit from the investment.


Communicating your company’s message on a large scale is difficult to manage on the side of looking after your business or even to do so when you have little experience with planning our extensive marketing strategies. A PR and marketing agency will not only be able to implement and target a bigger demographic but they can put the time in to adapt your PR and marketing efforts to the evolve with changes in your industry and audience.

Thought leadership

Are you doing something unique within your industry? Or perhaps you have a certain view on a specific issue or topic that you’re passionate about. Thought leadership can be strengthened through campaigns, whitepapers, and strong comments in the media. Establishing you and your business as leaders in is a prime example of where PR and marketing agencies are essential for your communication.

Creating a path through uncertain times

Whether is to do with the current crisis that businesses are facing or it’s a declining reputation, recruiting a PR and marketing agency can help to flip the audience’s perception of your company through careful strategy. In addition to this, by consistently measuring what is working and what isn’t, a marketing professional will be able to highlight various aspects or products that may be causing your small business to struggle more.

Benefits of choosing the right PR and marketing agency

A huge advantage that can’t be ignored when considering small businesses is the value for money when hiring an agency. It’s a common presumption made by business owners that they’d rather hire in a junior executive to handle the PR and marketing side of the company. This is all well but usually an agency is a fraction of the price you’d pay for a junior executive. What you then get when committing to an agency, is the minds of everyone in there. They’ll collaborate and bounce ideas of each other until the perfect strategy for your business has been found.

Now, this is necessarily saying that an in-house marketing professional isn’t good enough, they of course come with the advantage of being able to commit their whole working week to your business – wonderful, right? They also have valuable insight from being able to work closely with your staff. However, the same can be mirrored by the right PR and marketing agency if a healthy relationship is formed between them and yourself.

Another key difference in hiring a PR and marketing agency and recruiting an individual is the added costs that need to be considered. The opportunity to develop d grow in a workplace is has been found to be important to around 87 per cent of young workers. This is something that your business will need to offer the individual, whereas, PR and marketing agencies are able to either produce this themselves with a mentoring system from more senior professionals or they pay for it themselves with no addition cost to their clients.

If you’re looking for the right agency to work with your small business. Contact us to find out about how we can help your company to expand.