We’re looking back on some of our favourite Halloween marketing campaigns. From frightening stunts to terrifying interactive experiences, brands have thrown themselves and their customers into creative campaigns that truly celebrate the spooky holiday. Here’s just a few of our favourites.

M&M’s: Millie & Max Interactive Ghost Story

The first of our Halloween marketing campaigns is from the geniuses behind M&Ms. Back in 2017, their marketing team created an interactive ghost story for their audience to participate in via Instagram. Each time a chapter was posted, they would give their customers the opportunity to choose what happened next simply by commenting on the post.

This was such a good campaign because their audience found themselves waiting to see the next chapter. M&Ms had thousands of people interacting with each post for weeks just to find out the ending of the story. 

Halloween marketing campaigns - M&Ms

M&M’s: “Dark Movie Challenge”

Another top-class example of M&Ms winning with their Halloween marketing campaigns was this challenge. They’re Halloween game found their audience interacting with the image for hours just to find all 50 of the dark films that were included.

The best part about this campaign was that it was shared with friends, family, M&M lovers, and haters. The challenged triggered the audience’s competitive side and that is why it was so successful. How many can you spot?

Halloween marketing campaigns - M&Ms

Lyft’s Strange Mode

Perfectly timing the launch of Stranger Things season two, they partnered with Lyft to create a unique experience for some fortunate (or unfortunate) passengers. This results in a fantastic advert filled with “strange” happenings. From flickering lights, to in-car jump scares, passengers of the Strange Mode were equally terrified and entertained as weird things started happening on their journey.

The campaign went viral, audiences love a good prank video and with the added extra of it being themed around one of the most anticipated series of the year, both Lyft and Stranger Things were winners with this stunt.

Burger King/ Pepsi – Ghost Mode

We’ve grouped these two together as they both took similar approaches – both which we love. There has always been a rival between food giants McDonalds and Burger King, as well as drink giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Burger King and Pepsi’s genius banter with their competitors always makes them instantly viral. We loved their idea of dressing up for Halloween.
While McDonalds didn’t bite back at Burger King, Coca-Cola showed their funny bone by replying to Pepsi’s festive tagline by using the exact same image and writing ‘Everybody wants to be a hero!’

We all love a bit of banter between brands and this was no exception.

LG’s Falling Floor Campaign

Back in 2012, LG claimed that their computer screens had realistic screen displays. Any criticism of this statement was soon put to rest after their fantastic ‘So Real it’s Scary’ stunt. Taking over a lift, engineers placed multiple screens on the floor and programmed them with a special surprise for future users.

The entertainment value of watching poor lift users jump in terror as the floor started to fall away was an effective method to prove to everyone just how realistic the screen displays were. Of course, it also gave its audience a good belly chuckle.

Fanta: 13th Floor

Making use of the latest advances in technology by scaring your audience is a great way to promote your company during Halloween. Fanta had a terrific example of this with their 13th floor VR experience. At the time, it was a pop-up stand in a shopping centre and they advertised people’s reactions while in the headsets. you’ll find a 360 video on YouTube so anyone can participate in the scary experience.

Making the VR experience accessible to everyone worked a treat as it sparked a peak in users on their YouTube profile, as well as encouraging reactions video of friend and family who experienced the 13th Floor for the first time. Why not try it out yourself?

Fanta: Snapchat filters

Another way Fanta won was with their Halloween marketing campaign where they added a downloadable snapchat filter onto their cans. Doing this boosted their Halloween sales. It was the perfect way to encourage the purchase of their product as other people would want to use the filters and would need to go out and purchase each individual can in order to have access to that particular filter.

Halloween marketing campaigns - Fanta

We’ve highlight our favourite Halloween marketing campaigns. What’s yours? Or if you’re looking for professionals to help with your marketing, contact us here.