Despite the on-going uncertainty that the pandemic brings, the next few months are a great time for businesses to make the most of holiday themed strategy. Halloween campaigns bring out the creativity and spooky minds of us all and it would be a shame to not to use it to boost business.

However, in comparison to larger corporations, smaller businesses may feel as though they have limited options and budget to spend but we’re here to give you some ideas of how your business can stand out with it’s own themed campaign.

Spooky experiences

The current pandemic is not an excuse for your business to not make the most of Halloween. Boost the experience your customers have in your shop or business with haunted displays or novelty (yet socially distanced) encounters. This is a prime time to get creative and crafty with your shop space to be memorable and draw in new audiences.

Creepy competitions

There are a range of different Halloween campaigns that include various competitions. Some are simply using your social media to like and share, whereas others get a bit more creative and ask their customers to participate ion a quiz or game to be in with the chance of winning. With this, it really depends how digitally creative you’d like to be and how much you would want to give away.

Gloriously ghoulish content

Of all the affordable Halloween campaigns, there is so much you can get out of well-planned content. Writing themed blogs, posting spooky social media posts, and even updating your website to include some themed surprises are simple, yet high effectives ways to boost business during this time of year.

Fangtastic discounts

We’ve previously highlighted some crazy statistics you can utilise for your Halloween campaigns. One of which is that 90% of impulse buys occur due to an item being on sale. Your business NEEDS to make the most of a themed discount. There are so many ways you can promote your sale so that people are drawn to your online and physical shop.

Posting on social media and updating your website are just some of the simpler ways to can reach your audience’s online shopping habits, whereas, in your store it’s imperative that you invest in bold signage to catch the attention of high street shoppers.

Wickedly evil engagement

An idea that may be slightly more complex than the others but is sure to boost engagement on your social channels is to gamify your Halloween Campaigns. We’ve previously highlighted a good example of a spooky story which was made into a game by M&M.

The best thing about this is that you don’t have to have an animation team, just someone who can pull together a good story and an illustration to match along with a poll for your audience to vote on. Choose your own path stories are hugely popular in the gaming world and in turn, can bring in lots of interest from that scroll down their newsfeed.  

Not only is it fun to make but it comes almost addictive for your social media audience to sign back on and check the progress of the votes and storyline.

If you’re looking for help with your marketing campaigns, contact us to see how we can help your business.